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Swiss Just Kid's Care Set

Kids are curious. Parents are protective. When adventurous kids end up with bumps, bruises, stings and scratches, parents want to be ready to make things "all better." That's where our Kids Care Set comes in handy!

This set features products that provide quick comfort in a natural way and are "must-haves" for any parent. The products are easy to use and their beneficial effects are immediate. Give your kids the care they deserve with natural products and help them instantly feel better.

  • Kid's Care Set Includes:
  • Body Balm - Great Healing product.  AKA: Boo-Boo juice.  Immediately takes the pain away from bites, stings, sprains, bruises etc.  Cover a bruise with body balm over night and it should be gone in the morning.
  • Thyme Cream - Rub on chest and/or soles of the feet when you have a tickle in your throat or a cough/congestion.  Open up the airway and helps to breathe.
  • Tea Tree Cream - Often referred to as "Nature's First Aid".  Promotes healing. Relieve conditions caused by fungus thanks to its bactericidal properties. Provides a soothing/numbing effect on all types of cuts and scrapes. Soothe skin irritations and make the skin soft and elastic.
  • Melissa Bath Essence - It soothes and relaxes tension and provides a stimulating and pleasant feeling. Acts as muscle relaxer and a soother. Relieves stress and is particularly effective for insomnia, nervousness, and irritability.
  • Eucasol - spray on shirt, tissue, pajamas or pillow, etc and breathe in. It's a great PREVENTITIVE for colds and flu.  Great for allergies and sinus issues.  Safe for babies and children.
  • Milk, Honey & Rice Bath- The delicate blend of these extracts softens, moisturizes and protects the skin. Rich in vitamins A, C and D, they condition the outer layer of the skin.  Protects sensitive skin by softening and promoting flexibility. Have a comforting effect and provide long-term moisture. Prevent dryness of the skin. Protect and reduce inflammation of the skin. Soothe baby's and children's chapped skin.

NOTE:  Items can be purchased separately.  Just ask!

Price: $169.00